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31 Aug 2012

POSTED BY DJackson | Aug 31st, 2012

Samsung Announces First Windows Phone

By David Jackson. Samsung Electronics in Berlin on Wednesday announced the first Microsoft Windows 8 software based smartphone. The hurried announcement by Samsung comes as a surprise just days before the highly speculated launch of Nokia’s Windows 8 version. The latest news further strengthens the speculations that smartphone manufacturers may turn increasingly to Windows devices after the recent verdict by a...

30 Aug 2012

POSTED BY DJackson | Aug 30th, 2012

Judge Sets Apple Injunction Hearing against Samsung for 6th December

By David Jackson. The official date for the next phase of Apple-Samsung patent infringement battle has been announced. Lucy Koh, the presiding judge in the patent infringement saga involving the technology giants Samsung and Apple, set the next date of hearing on 6th December. The judge said that she will hear Apple’s motion for an injunction against South Korea-based electronics giant Samsung on December 6....

29 Aug 2012

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith | Aug 29th, 2012

The Importance of Public Relations

By David Jackson. It is a world known fact that relations are one of the most important aspects of our lives. This is not only true for political parties or someone vying to get the better of his competition in an election. The same principle is also the focal point around which a business revolves. A business is done for the people and maintaining good public relations with the people is therefore very necessary...

28 Aug 2012

POSTED BY DJackson | Aug 28th, 2012

Tips to Improve Your Online Business Prospects

By David Jackson. Today internet has given a new dimension to everything we do. It has completely changed the way how businesses work today and how customers want the businesses to work. Online retail over the years has emerged as a successful domain where barriers to entry are low but chances for growth and profits are immense. For an online retail business to be successful, there are some basic tips that every...

27 Aug 2012

POSTED BY DJackson | Aug 27th, 2012

Facebook Unveils New iOS App

By David Jackson. Facebook unveiled an updated version of its iOS app to boost up the speed and navigation for the users. The social networking giant in a blog post said that the new app will take lesser time in opening up while allowing users to smoothly browse to the stories and wall posts and load photos instantly. Just through a single tap, the iPad and iPhone users will be able to see the photos and...

24 Aug 2012

POSTED BY DJackson | Aug 24th, 2012

Archos Introduces 101 XS Tablet

By David Jackson. Archos today introduced its new Gen10 XS tablet series of ultra slim Android tablets that come with a magnetic keyboard. The Gen10 XS series of Android tablets will include Archos 101 XS, Archos 97 XS and Archos 80 XS. First model to be released in the series is Archos 101 XS featuring a 10.1 inch and 1280×800 pixel touchscreen. The incredible feature about the design is that the device comes...

23 Aug 2012

POSTED BY DJackson | Aug 23rd, 2012

Twitter Plans to Restrict Access to Apps it Disapproves

By David Jackson. Twitter, the micro blogging site recently said that it will restrict the access to the applications to new users it does not approve. The company in a detailed guide issued the changes that include lower rate limits and authentication and certification requirements. Twitter also announced that it will only require large applications for direct approval. However the company also said that it does...

22 Aug 2012

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith | Aug 22nd, 2012

The Importance of Public Relations for Your Business

By David Jackson. Maintaining good public relations is a very sensitive issue for a business as a business has to deal with a lot of people. Just like movie stars, sports person, politicians and other celebrities, a business has to maintain good public relations in order to be profitable. Customers want to get associated with a business that is reliable and has something to contribute to the betterment of the...

21 Aug 2012

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie | Aug 21st, 2012

Is Online Retail Killing the Traditional Retail Shops?

By David Jackson. Internet has completely changed every facet of our lives. It is almost impossible to imagine a day without Internet. Since its inception, the Internet is adding some value to our lives. Be it any information about any movie or some historical facts about any country and civilisation, the Internet has been providing us with valuable knowledge and information. Over the last six years, there has been...

20 Aug 2012

POSTED BY DJackson | Aug 20th, 2012

Twitter Announces New Rules for Developers

By David Jackson. The relationship between the micro blogging site, Twitter and its third party developers who developed apps for Twitter has been on a shaky ground for almost a year now. Twitter last year voiced its intentions for issuing stricter rules for the developers who built apps on the site’s platform. Twitter recently disclosed in its official blogpost that how it plans to stiffen these rules. The new...

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