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31 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 31st, 2013

Apple Unveils 128 GB iPad

Apple Unveils 128 GB iPad 31 January 2013 By David Jackson. With an aim to make iPads more attractive for professional and industry usage, Apple unveiled a new version of its 4G iPad, which comes with 128 GB data storage. Apple by doubling the storage capacity of the iPad, which presently comes with a maximum 64 GB storage, is aiming at attracting users who seek more storage for storing their data. In its official...

30 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 30th, 2013

Parental Guidance – Is that Porn on Twitter’s Vine?

By David Jackson.   It seems like Twitter when last week launched Vine to much hoopla, it did not know what it was getting into. The app that enables iPhone and iPad users to create short videos of 6 seconds saw thousands of Twitter users tweeting short videos. However, a few of the videos were pornographic in nature.  Users by typing “#porn” in the search bar of the new app can access to videos that contain...

29 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 29th, 2013

CEO David Jackson Talks to Shortlist

S2M Digital CEO David Jackson said he believed that having the company’s 17 consultants each talking to 50 clients a week was the most powerful way to build relationships and win new business.  He said S2M didn’t have a budget for traditional, above-the-line marketing, but had spent money in recent years on completely redesigning its brand, from its website to business cards and even protocols for how...

28 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 28th, 2013

Australia Performing Better on Mobile Broadband than on Fixed Broadband

By David Jackson.     The mobile broadband speeds in Australia are one of the fastest in the Asia-Pacific region. However the fixed broadband speeds in the country are a little sluggish as per the latest findings. According to the latest findings by Akamai, Australia with an average connection speed of 4.3 mbps speed (both mobile and fixed) is ranked 40 in the world. The broadband speeds in Australia over the...

25 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 25th, 2013

The Most Exciting Gadgets in Market

The everyday technological changes are making our life more fulfilling and easy. From innovative tablets and smartphones to various Bluetooth devices, the market is full with outstanding tech gizmos. Here are some of the most popular gadgets around –   Hi-Call’s Bluetooth Gloves –  Bluetooth headsets are such a thing of the past, thanks to Hi-Call’s Bluetooth gloves. Not only these gloves are cool and...

24 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 24th, 2013

Smartphones to Rule over the Handset Market in 2013

Smartphones to Rule over the Handset Market in 2013 24 January 2013 By David Jackson. It seems like there is no stopping of the smartphone juggernaut. According to a latest report, smartphones are expected to be the frontrunners of the mobile handset market in 2013. According to the recently published report by the US-based market intelligent company, ABI Research, smartphones will continue their successful run...

23 Jan 2013

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith | Jan 23rd, 2013

Common Misconceptions about Public Relations

By David Jackson. Interactions with celebrities, champagne showers and star-studded parties are some of the images that come to mind when someone talks about public relations. However, there is more to PR than all the glamour and glitter as portrayed by the media. Here are some of the most common misconceptions related to PR – Parties, Parties and More Parties – If you think that PR is just about planning for...

22 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 22nd, 2013

Right to Return and Refund – An Online Shopper’s Prerogative

By David Jackson.   Most people know their rights when it comes to shopping from brick and mortar stores. But what are your rights as a buyer when it comes to online shopping? To ensure that the online shoppers do not fall prey to certain deceiving practices of online marketers, an application for iPhone and Android is developed by the Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC) to provide information and...

21 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 21st, 2013

Prime Minister’s Appeal to Twitter on Cyber Bullying

Prime Minister’s Appeal to Twitter on Cyber Bullying 21 January 2013 By David Jackson. After a row of some unfavourable cases of bullying that surfaced on Twitter last year, Prime Minister appealed to the micro blogging site to sign up to the new set of guidelines to control bullying. Julia Gillard censured Twitter for not taking any step towards bullying and ‘trolling’ and for allowing users to post...

18 Jan 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Jan 18th, 2013

Facebook Posts Have More Impact than Faces

By David Jackson. Memory is an inquisitive and vast field of study. Human brain acts in mysterious ways and a recent study offers more testimony to this fact. According to the latest research, Facebook statuses are more likely to be imprinted on human minds than human faces and text in books. A new research undertaken by the University of California, San Diego found out that Facebook posts have a remarkable...

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