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28 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 28th, 2013

New Anti Cookie Policy by Firefox

 By David Jackson.     Mozilla the creator of Firefox web browser has caused a stir in the online market with the declaration of its latest cookie policy. The default settings on the new versions of the browser would block all third party cookies that are used as tracking devices to target users with advertisements. While brands like Facebook and Twitter may not be heavily impacted by this move, advertisers...

27 Feb 2013

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith | Feb 27th, 2013

How to Create a Successful Public Relations Campaign

By David Jackson.     Is there a specific way in which PR executives think? Why is it so that some media relations pros are prolific than others? Are there actually professional stereotypes that distinguish PR people from others? Creating a successful PR campaign is the life and blood of every business, whether young or established and therefore great emphasis should be given while drafting and incubating a PR...

26 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 26th, 2013

Online Marketing – Social Mobile is the Buzz Word

By David Jackson.    When it comes to online marketing, marketers leave no stones upturned in order to connect with their customers. From social media campaigns to press releases and blogs, marketers keep themselves busy in engaging their customers. However with new hand-held devices surfacing every other day and customers preferring their smartphones to desktops, being social on the mobile platform is the...

25 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 25th, 2013

Yahoo Revamping its Website

Yahoo Revamping its Website 25 February 2013 By David Jackson. It seems like going social is the current trend and Yahoo, Inc. is no exception to it. To capture the interest of the social-trending users, Yahoo is revamping its website to give it a Facebook like feel. Yahoo that has been continuously struggling in the past few years will see features such as newsfeed and ‘likes’ by the users. Yahoo’s CEO,...

22 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 22nd, 2013

Smartphone Addiction Maximum in Young Australians

By David Jackson.    When it comes to smartphone addiction, Gen Y in Australia leads the race according to a new report. According to the Cisco Connected World Technology Report (CCWTR), under 30 individuals in Australia show a huge addiction towards their smartphones and are hooked to their hand held devices from the first thing in the morning till falling asleep at night.  The study, which was conducted on...

21 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 21st, 2013

PR Tips for Small Businesses

By David Jackson.    Small business owners are more concerned with overseeing day to day operations, managing finances, providing training to the employees and handling client grievances. However when it comes to maintaining good public relations, small businesses often take it for granted. Here are some tips that will help you get started – Break the ice – News happen everyday and being focused on the...

20 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 20th, 2013

S2M expands into Queensland, cementing their national footprint as Australia’s leading digital recruiter!

S2M expands into Queensland, cementing their national footprint as Australia’s leading digital recruiter! 20 February 2013 Sydney, 18th February, 2013: With digital set to yet again grow in 2013 and the forever rapid rise in the disruptive technologies targeting the services industry’s S2M Digital has taken the next step in its evolution and opened a new office in the heart Brisbane’s CBD this week. S2M’s...

19 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 19th, 2013

Digitally Charged Businesses are More Profitable

If you are thinking that what it takes for a company to be successful in this age of cut-throat competition and ever changing consumer trends, then going digital may hold the key to be more profitable. In a new finding, businesses that are more digitally advanced have a higher market valuation, generate more revenue and are more profitable as compared to their less digitally charged and equipped...

15 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 15th, 2013

A Lawsuit against Facebook over the ‘Like’ Button

By David Jackson.    It seems like trouble has become the catchword for Facebook. The social networking site has been sued by the family of a Dutch computer scientist over the alleged infringement of his patents. The family members of the Netherlands-based deceased computer scientist Jos Van Der Meer, under the representation of the patent holding company Rembrandt have filed a suit against Facebook on February...

15 Feb 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Feb 15th, 2013

Transparent Smartphone to Surface by the End of 2013

Real-life technology has stepped into the realm of reel-life technology. And no, it is not a space odyssey or a sci-fi motion picture. After catching and capturing our attention in the science fiction, transparent smartphones are expected to commercially surface by the end of 2013. Polytron Technologies, a Taiwan-based tech company has started marketing a multi-touch transparent smartphone, which it claims to...

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