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31 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie | Dec 31st, 2013

The Best iPhone and iPad Apps for the Last Week of 2013

By Emily Ritchie. Contact the Author   The year is coming to an end but mobile app developers are still working tirelessly to bring the best apps for iPhone and iPad users. Here are some of the best iPhone and iPad apps that mobile developers have released in the last weeks of 2013:     Apps for iPhone Users Bubblechat for Facebook: Bubblechat is a great messaging app for Facebook that allows iPhone...

30 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie | Dec 30th, 2013

Facebook in 2014

By Emily Ritchie. Contact the Author   Facebook, the leading social media platform is celebrating its 10th birthday in the New Year. It has indeed come a long way in the past decade and it is hard to find a more popular or effective social platform than Facebook. In less than a decade, the social media platform has driven over a billion users and connected individual from all corners of the globe. A huge part...

27 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Mark Truskett | Dec 27th, 2013

Top Stories of Digital Media in 2013

By Mark Truskett. Contact the Author   Digital media has come a long way in recent years and is growing faster than any other source of media. Some of the top digital media stories indeed shaped 2013. Here are some of the biggest stories of the year that dominated the digital media market: Social media enhancement Digital media giants Instagram and Facebook released autoplay videos. Twitter also got in on the...

26 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Samantha Watts | Dec 26th, 2013

Google Chromebook Made Easy for Users

By Samantha Watts. Contact the Author   Google sets the benchmark in the technology market. Google’s Chromebook is yet another unique innovation that is designed for users to carry out simple tasks effectively and efficiently, being light-weight, fast and affordable. The Chromebook is designed for the basics of laptop use, such as net browsing, email, listening to music, watching videos and working on...

24 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Samantha Watts | Dec 24th, 2013

Apple to Launch 12.9-inch iPad in 2014

By Samantha Watts. Contact the Author   “Bigger is always better.” The phrase goes well with Samsung and other major tech brands. However, Apple is one of the only brand names that does not follow this trend- rather it comes up with its own innovative ones such as their iPad Mini and their ever-consistently sized iPhone range. According to The Digitimes report, the company is now preparing to reverse this...

23 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie | Dec 23rd, 2013

Twitter Emergency Alerts Expands

By Emily Ritchie. Contact the Author   Twitter has come a long way with its innovations. One of the leading social media platforms has recently introduced certain features to its emergency alert system. The company has also added a couple of new countries that will be hosting the firms participating in the service. Twitter’s Android and iOS customers can now subscribe to emergency alerts directly from the...

20 Dec 2013

POSTED BY DJackson | Dec 20th, 2013

V.me Digital Wallet Launched in Australia

By David Jackson. Contact the Author   Australia is a global leader when it comes to digital media innovation. With the launch of V.me by Visa, Visa’s new digital wallet service, the Australian market has opened a gateway for consumers to shop easily without any hassle this Christmas. The service has emerged as a secure payment option for users who love to shop with their Visa or MasterCard. The launch has...

19 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Samantha Watts | Dec 19th, 2013

Google Launches Winky on Google Glasses

By Samantha Watts. Contact the Author   Google has always been known for its innovations. They have recently announced an update to Google Glasses, an internet-linked eyewear that allows users to take pictures with a blink of an eye. This latest update by Google is sure to raise privacy concerns over the high-tech device. The new update will allow Google Glasses users to quickly and easily snap any moment with...

17 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Samantha Watts | Dec 17th, 2013

Apple’s New Launches in 2014

By Samantha Watts. Contact the Author   With 2014 about to arrive, it is time for the Macworld to predict future products for Apple. This year Apple launched a unique iPad Air and the Retina iPad Mini, which were hugely successful amongst users. Whether Apple will release an exclusive new product in 2014 is still a mystery. However, it’s still fun to speculate what the New Year will bring! Google and...

16 Dec 2013

POSTED BY Rebecca Herbert | Dec 16th, 2013

The Most Watched YouTube Videos of 2013

By Rebecca Herbert. Contact the Author   In the last few years, YouTube has evolved from a simple video-based platform to a channels-based site that offers opportunities to online marketers to promote their brands through videos. With the year coming close to its end, here are the most watched videos of 2013. The most watched videos include Think Kenneth Hakonsen’s Harlem Shake, the Chatroulette version of...

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