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30 Apr 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson | Apr 30th, 2014

Secret Mobile Application for Android

Secret, is an iOS mobile application meant for sharing one’s personal thoughts such as confessions, rumors and other such conversations anonymously with friends and public. The new mobile application was launched around a year back in the United States and has been a sensation since then. The app has caused a sensation among the younger generation with the age bracket of above 25 years. The mobile app has raised...

29 Apr 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson | Apr 29th, 2014

S2M Melbourne bolsters the ranks with exceptional senior hire!

Australia’s leading specialist digital & communications recruiter S2M, has boosted their leadership team with the appointment of Caroline Arnoul to the role of Melbourne General Manager. With over 20 years of senior sales & marketing experience, Arnoul joins S2M from executive search practice SHK. Caroline brings genuine industry knowledge and leadership to the already extensive agency offering having...

26 Apr 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson | Apr 26th, 2014

Samsung files trademark for words

Samsung seems to be on a spree for registering various words and names these days. The company has filed for various trademarks in the last month itself. The company which has been in mobile and various other technology products is looking at expanding its horizon to various dimensions. Samsung has filed for six trademarks which includes one logo and five words. One of the trademarks which have been filed by Samsung...

22 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Trent Fischer | Apr 22nd, 2014

Australian dips rank in digital usage ranking

In the recent World Economic Forum’s Global Information Technology Report, Australia has ranked 18th in line for its internet access and investment. The latest tech news for Australia’s comes as a wrong turn for the Australian economy as it was ranked 9th in the in 2004 report. The country’s enthusiasm for using technology advancement has seen a sharp a decline in the last ten years. As per Julie Toth,...

21 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Rebecca Herbert | Apr 21st, 2014

Facebook soars high as per Adobe report

Adobe has released its first quarter Social Intelligence Report for this year and Facebook seems to have grabbed the trophy. According to the report, Facebook’s advertising revenue seems be on the uphill slide. Facebook’s business for video ad posts and its replays rose by 134 percent from 2013’s QoQ and 734 percent YoY. Interestingly around ¼ of the video are being played on Fridays. Another interesting...

18 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Samantha Watts | Apr 18th, 2014

Campaign monitor receives US $250 million from Insight Venture Partners

Campaign Monitor, a Sydney-based company, known for creating e-mail marketing pitches and design solutions, has announced that Insight Venture Partners has infused US$250 million in the organisation. Insight Venture Partners is a tech-investor private equity and venture-capital organisation. The company was founded in 1995 with more than 90 investments worth $7.6 billion worldwide.   Campaign Monitor was...

17 Apr 2014

POSTED BY James Cooper | Apr 17th, 2014

Adobe Reader detected with vulnerability

Adobe Reader has been detected a threat that can cause harm to its Android based users. The threat has vulnerability especially for the Android, which gives capability to attackers to execute arbitrary code on the operating system.   The threat was being watched by a Dutch information security firm Securify with its security researcher Yorick Koster. The firm submitted a detailed report on the bug to the Full...

15 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Yezen Nwiran | Apr 15th, 2014

Australia gets its first Bitcoin in Sydney

Australia got its first Bitcoin in Sydney inside Westfield located on Pitt St. in Sydney on Tuesday. Bitcoin installations have been highly criticised by the National Australia Bank (NAB), which considers the technology as highly unsafe. The bank has even threatened to close the accounts of the businesses, which will be a part of this trading system.   However, Mr. Chris Gruzowski, co-owner of ABA Technologies...

13 Apr 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson | Apr 13th, 2014

Google Glass available to public in a one-day online sale

Google has announced that it will sell its Google Glass online to the public on 15 April.2014. As per the Google’s statement, only “US” and “Adults” will be able to make the purchase for the latest tech gadget by Google. The product will be sold at U.S. $1,500 dollars per piece to the citizens of the United States. The initial version of the Google Glass will be available on Tuesday starting from 9 am to...

12 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Kenan Arif | Apr 12th, 2014

Adobe Systems fixes critical flaws in Flash Player and AIR software

Adobe Systems issued security updates information related to AIR software and Flash Player for four critical vulnerabilities which can lead in the direction of information disclosure and arbitrary code execution. These vulnerabilities were exposed at Pwn2Own hacking competition which was held in March this year. The vulnerabilities for Flash Player are rated as Priority 1 from Adobe Systems. The score given to these...

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