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28 Feb 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | Feb 28th, 2015

How to Keep Up With New Online Marketing Trends in 2015

Whether you run a business on the digital platform or in a brick and mortar shop, digital marketing must be a part of your game plan for success. As we move deeper into 2015, there are a few emerging online marketing trends that you need to be follow and implement this year in order to stay ahead of the curve and close your annual PNL statement with a thick profit margin. Here’s a quick sneak-peek at them. Image...

23 Feb 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | Feb 23rd, 2015

How to Improve Your Website’s Search Ranking with White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a combination of strategies implemented to improve your website’s search performance on search engine page results (SERPs), in complete accordance with ethical digital practices and the search engines’ individual terms, conditions and policies. As opposed to black hat SEO, white hat SEO tactics focus on human audiences rather than search engines and help to maintain the integrity of your...

23 Feb 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | Feb 23rd, 2015

Honest feedback the best policy

A few years ago S2M Digital Recruitment managing director David Jackson noticed that “the wheels were spinning but it seemed what management was planning wasn’t happening” in the specialist recruitment business he had helped start in December...

16 Feb 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | Feb 16th, 2015

How to Effectively Brand Yourself Online

Gone are the days when a firm handshake, a tailored business suit and impressive professional credentials were enough to create a perfect first impression. Today, your potential business partners are more likely to ‘Google you’ in order to decide whether or not to do business with you! Add to that the fact that there might be thousands of people around the world with the same name as yours and it seems even more...

12 Feb 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | Feb 12th, 2015

Qantas launches data marketing business Red Planet, takes digital media buying in-house

Qantas Loyalty has today launched a data marketing business called Red Planet aiming to sign up other businesses to use data from the Frequent Flyer program in targeted digital advertising, Mumbrella can reveal. Ominously for Qantas’ media agency ZenithOptimedia the airline says it will move the group’s digital media spend to Red Planet in the near future, with it already handling part of the spend for the...

10 Feb 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | Feb 10th, 2015

Put Your Website’s Best Foot Forward with These SEO Best Practices

Before we begin, let’s make one thing very clear: This guide on SEO best practices will not make your website automatically fetch first ranking on Google search queries. What we do guarantee, however, is that following the practices outlined below would certainly help search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, MSN, etc.) to crawl, index and understand your website content better and improve your website’s...

09 Feb 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | Feb 9th, 2015

Good Design Awards, 2015 Call for Entries

Hit this link Digital Design Call for Entries  twice for PDF information around the various Digital categories and how to apply…. One of the longest standing and most prestigious design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958.Managed by Good Design Australia, Australia’s Good Design Awards proudly promotes the very best in design, innovation and creativity at a...