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23 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | May 23rd, 2015

How To: Build Your Brand with Effective Consumer Public Relations

It is understandable for brands to slash their marketing expenses during difficult times when credit market is tight and consumer expenditure at an all time low. Thankfully, with reviving markets and thriving competition, the need to gain consumer confidence is on the rise too. This indeed is a time for businesses to get up on their feet, tell their story and nurture lasting consumer public relations.   Public...

16 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | May 16th, 2015

Top Five IT Job Profiles in Australia

Despite a persistent global economic stagnancy and an all-time low job market, IT is perhaps the only sector that has braved the dot com bust, cost-cutting, outsourcing and restructuring, has remained a safe and good career choice for those looking for decent pay, better job security and steady professional development.   Here are top five IT positions, most sought-after in Australian job market: 1. Chief...

16 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | May 16th, 2015

Shortlist chats with… David Jackson, S2M

David Jackson fell into recruitment at 28, after deciding it was time to stop “floating around”, managing bands, booking venues and filming underwater projects on the Great Barrier Reef, and find a career.   He was one of the first handful of employees at Parker Bridge (now Clarius) but after two years, decided to stretch his wings with his own venture, Global Job Network – a job board for...

12 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | May 12th, 2015

How To: Improve Sales with Effective Database Marketing

It is truly baffling to see most businesses sitting on a gold mine of information about their target customers but seldom using that information to acquire new leads, develop prospects, achieve sales or acquire referrals. Database marketing helps to bring such key information out of the ‘repository’ and leverage it to generate new business and improve sales.   Database marketing is often regarded as a...

08 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson | May 8th, 2015

How To: Ensure Social Media Success by Leveraging Google Analytics

If you wish to measure the real-time efficacy of your social media marketing campaign in bringing more traffic to your business website and making your brand more popular, all you need to do is leverage Google Analytics.   Besides increasing your fan following and social shares on popular networking sites, a robust social media marketing campaign can actually help to improve your bottom line and help you earn...