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30 Jul 2013

POSTED BY DJackson IN General | Jul 30th, 2013 | one response

5 Best Business Apps for Android

By David Jackson.


There are a number of useful productivity apps for
phones using Google’s mobile platform.


A look at the list of 5 best business apps for Android:


GoAruna: This app offers a nice desktop application and shows you what is on your local computer on a cloud-based storage device. Your Android device can see both places as well, and can get and put files in either space. It comes with a nice encryption feature that keeps your documents safe and secure in the cloud or while you are transferring them around devices.


ALOQA:It lets youAlways Be a Local. With this app, you can set the channels you want to follow and the app pushes content your way based on your location. Use this app to find out what’s available and what’s going on nearby.


Mobile Defense:This app is just perfect if you have a tendency to lose your phone. Once you get it installed, Mobile Defense allows you to remotely lock, locate, back up or wipe your device. This app runs in the background and is undetected in your app list. So if your phone gets stolen, the thief will not know you are tracking him, nor he will be able to disable the app or uninstall it.


Quote Pro:A great app that lets you enjoy its many useful features, such as listing a few stocks you want to track in one portfolio, and then with a tap of a finger you can see your other portfolios. Quote Pro lets you track different sectors of the market and allows comparisons based on the stocks you want to group.


Hoccer:This app is handy and convenient and at the same time very cool to use. Share your data, pics, URLs, text messages and contacts by making gestures similar to throwing a Frisbee.


So, why wait, just deck out your Android phone with these amazing business apps.


One Response to “5 Best Business Apps for Android”

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