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18 Aug 2015

Australia’s Booming Digital Economy & Employment Opportunities

A recent digital economy survey carried out by Deloitte Access Economics predicted that Australia’s digital economy will stand alone contribute to $79 billion to the country’s GDP by the end of 2015, placing it well ahead of highly profitable food and retail sectors in overall value generation.

With most Australian businesses adopting cloud computing technologies, registering their digital footprint on social media networks and using mobile technology to run their day-to-day operations, the Australian digital economy is estimated to cross the $140 billion mark and amount for

7.3% of Australia’s GDP by the year 2020.



Why Australia Must Transition to a Digital Economy

The wide acceptance of this new digital economy by the Australian society is chiefly market-led. The new economy will improve the country’s productivity, competitiveness in world market and its overall social well being. Greater digital acceptance will bridge geographical distances and improve service deliveries between major cities and rural areas of the country. It will improve health and educational outcomes tremendously, facilitate better management of Australia’s increasing ageing population and promote the adoption of environmentally sustainable policies to manage its natural resources.


Government’s Role in Building the Australian Digital Economy

By increasing broadband penetration, the Australian government envisions to make the country one of the leading digital economies in the world by the end of the decade. The Australian government’s commitment to developing the open access National Broadband Network (NBN) will enable all Australian businesses and households to participate in the digital economy, regardless of their geographical location, with the help of their computers, smartphones and tablets.


To further its vision of taking Australia into the digital future, the government has also set ‘8 Digital Economy Goals’ that focus on increasing:

  • Online participation of Australian households
  • Online participation of Australian businesses and NGOs
  • Virtual management of environment and infrastructure
  • Digital Health and aged care management
  • Expansion of online education
  • Tele networking
  • Online engagement and service delivery in government organisations
  • Digital engagement in regional Australia

shutterstock_201178889New Jobs and Employment Opportunities in the Australian Digital Economy

The Australian digital technology boom has impregnated all business sectors and is rapidly fuelling the country’s economic growth. 4% of Australia’s workforce is now in information and digital communication sectors. The use of digital technology in Australia is no longer limited to niche IT companies. It has pervaded creative services operating in the mainstream Australian economy as well, and is an integral part of B2B businesses whether related to design, advertising or marketing.

Not only are employment opportunities and jobs in digital technology domain on the rise, but new ‘next generation’ job profiles that did not exist five years ago are being created too. It is heartening to see digital interface designers revolutionising the finance and banking sectors; digital content writers making their mark in online education domain; or digital simulation experts developing virtual training environments for defence services!

The revolutionary adoption of the internet and related digital applications into core business functions has spurred the demand for website designers, online visual communication experts, UX designers, digital producers, digital marketing managers, social media managers, digital community managers, SEO account managers, content managers, digital product managers, mobile application developers, mobile lead developers, digital data scientists and marketing account managers. The Australian market is flooded with Digital Advertising, Online Marketing and Database Design jobs. Digital Automation is another hot industry, offering a plethora of high-paying career development opportunities to deserving candidates.

Owing to a burgeoning demand for top talent, competition in the Australian digital industry is stiff. But the rewards are equally delightful too! As compared to other sectors, remunerations in the digital business are well above average even for freshers and the scope of fast-paced career development is quite wide too!

The Australian digital economy is growing at an unparalleled rate and creating ‘jobs of tomorrow’. Now is the right time to join the bandwagon and be part of an industry, which is both futuristic and lucrative.

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