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18 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Samantha Watts IN Digital & Design, Our Team, S2M News, Social Media & Marketing | Apr 18th, 2014 | 1,518 responses

Campaign monitor receives US $250 million from Insight Venture Partners

Campaign Monitor, a Sydney-based company, known for creating e-mail marketing pitches and design solutions, has announced that Insight Venture Partners has infused US$250 million in the organisation. Insight Venture Partners is a tech-investor private equity and venture-capital organisation. The company was founded in 1995 with more than 90 investments worth $7.6 billion worldwide.


Campaign Monitor was founded in 2004 by Dave Greiner and Ben Richardson who grew up across the street in Sydney. The duo initially started a web designing firm but diversified into e-mail marketing after sometime. While designing custom websites for their clients, they found it extremely difficult to use email marketing for them to maximize business growth. The need gave birth to the idea of creating unique email-marketing pitches for their clients.


This is the first time that Campaign Monitor has taken external funding from any outside venture-capital firm. The venture-capital infusion by Insight Venture Partners in Campaign Monitor is one of the largest investments in recent times.


Since 2013, there have been only few organisations such as Uber and Airbnb which have been injected with investment by venture-capital firms. The investment in Campaign Monitor is one of the largest investments by a venture-capital organisation in a single company. In the recent times, marketing-technology companies have witnesses an influx of investments.


With the investment influx, the company plans to expand its portfolio for its clients with new product launches such as intuitive campaign automation and email designer. The company is also planning to add more talent in other countries to expand its horizon further worldwide. Most of the company’s business comes from Western Europe and North America. But the majority of their staff is still located at its Sydney office. The company boosts of its presence in 170 countries with more than 100,000 customers. With the investment of US$250 million, Campaign Monitor is looking at a bright future ahead.

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