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28 Jun 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | Jun 28th, 2015

The Role of a Recruiter in Helping You Make an Upward Career Move

If you are a C-level executive, chances are that you’ve held your current job for a few years and have been so involved in carrying out your duties that you’ve not really had a chance to venture out in the job market and explore better career opportunities during this time period. A promotion at work seems like a far cry. What used to seem like a satisfactory job has now left you saturated. Plus, by being off the employment radar it’s also possible that you’ve missed sporadic hiring...

28 Jun 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | Jun 28th, 2015

Put Your Website’s Best Foot Forward with These SEO Best Practices

Before we begin, let’s make one thing very clear: This guide on SEO best practices will not make your website automatically fetch first ranking on Google search queries. What we do guarantee, however, is that following the practices outlined below would certainly help search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, MSN, etc.) to crawl, index and understand your website content better and improve your website’s interactions with both target users and these search engines.   Search engine...

15 Jun 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | Jun 15th, 2015

How To Ace That Interview: Top 5 Interview Tips For Job Seekers

So your resume and cover letter have impressed a potential employer and you’re now counting days before you are called to make a lasting impression and get hired. Now is the time to prepare for the interview and prove to the HR manager that you really are the right candidate for the post. Job interviews are like a sales deal and you are the product. Here are the top five interview tips that will get you closer to your goal of getting that dream job: Research and Prepare:  What is the...

05 Jun 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | Jun 5th, 2015

How to: Manage Your Company’s Social Media Image Effectively

Establishing a strong social media presence and maintaining a good image on numerous virtual platforms is an ordeal. But with the right strategies and activities, you can not only bag all the ‘likes’, ‘shares’, ‘follows’ and ‘retweets’ but can communicate your business message effectively and carve out a great online reputation for your brand on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google+, MySpace, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Here are a few tips for...

23 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | May 23rd, 2015

How To: Build Your Brand with Effective Consumer Public Relations

It is understandable for brands to slash their marketing expenses during difficult times when credit market is tight and consumer expenditure at an all time low. Thankfully, with reviving markets and thriving competition, the need to gain consumer confidence is on the rise too. This indeed is a time for businesses to get up on their feet, tell their story and nurture lasting consumer public relations.   Public Relations or PR is an important (but often overpassed!) element of the marketing...

16 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | May 16th, 2015

Top Five IT Job Profiles in Australia

Despite a persistent global economic stagnancy and an all-time low job market, IT is perhaps the only sector that has braved the dot com bust, cost-cutting, outsourcing and restructuring, has remained a safe and good career choice for those looking for decent pay, better job security and steady professional development.   Here are top five IT positions, most sought-after in Australian job market: 1. Chief Information Officer (CIO) – Annual Salary: $350, 000 A CIO, also known as the IT...

12 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | May 12th, 2015

How To: Improve Sales with Effective Database Marketing

It is truly baffling to see most businesses sitting on a gold mine of information about their target customers but seldom using that information to acquire new leads, develop prospects, achieve sales or acquire referrals. Database marketing helps to bring such key information out of the ‘repository’ and leverage it to generate new business and improve sales.   Database marketing is often regarded as a synonym for dealing with truck loads of contact names, addresses, email IDs and phone...

27 Apr 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | Apr 27th, 2015

How To: Develop an Impressive Interactive Marketing Strategy

With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest becoming an integral part of our daily lives, it is important more than ever for businesses to choose the right platforms to interact with their target audiences and create maximum impact in the digital marketplace. This is where the need for an impressive and effectual interactive marketing strategy is felt. What is Interactive Marketing? Interactive marketing is an evolving digital marketing trend. It is also known as ‘trigger based...

23 Mar 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Recruitment & Career | Mar 23rd, 2014

Top questions at job interviews

A job interview you were expecting to be eas,y might not seem all that smooth when you are sitting opposite to your interviewer. You will have to answer every question diligently, as even a small error can result in you loosing the chance for the prospective job. Every interview is different from another, making it hard to have any specific rules to help you secure the job you want. Interview questions differ with different jobs you apple for so do your research so you are prepared. However,...

21 Feb 2014

POSTED BY Trent Fischer IN Recruitment & Career | Feb 21st, 2014

Lunchtime Learning – S2M Digital Leadership Webinar Series

BROUGHT TO YOU BY… February 27th – 12.30pm “Forget Big Data; What About Little Data?”   What is it?  Throughout the year S2M will host a series of free webinars – giving you, our beloved network, intimate access to some of the brightest minds in the Australian digital industry. Each session will focus around a particular trend, technique or topic – discussed and explained by a proven subject matter expert. How does it work? In the lead up to the session S2M will send...

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