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25 Nov 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Nov 25th, 2015

How to: Leverage Media Monitoring For a Robust Content Strategy

What should we focus on first – content strategy or media monitoring? This question takes us just as far as the ‘chicken or egg’ dilemma. While some argue that the right content can help a business to create a buzz among its target user groups, others advocate that the buzz is of no use if the business does not know what its target users want! Faced with such conflict of interests, the business unfortunately loses out on the immense potential for gaining capital advantage.   What’s...

07 Oct 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Oct 7th, 2015

Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business?

Hiring a virtual assistant can completely change the face of your business. Thanks to the Internet, small business owners can now outsource critical functionalities of their day-to-day operations to experts, without taking on the financial burden of hiring full-time employees.   If you have big ideas to take your business forward but no one to help you implement them; if you work 10 to 12 hours a day just to keep things running smoothly and yet feel that you’re not actually keeping up...

03 Sep 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Sep 3rd, 2015

How to Use Social Media for Recruitment

A good recruiter knows where the most talented and qualified professionals hang out, network and communicate with each other. With over 500 million combined users, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have introduced the concept of ‘social recruiting’, helping head hunters around the world engage with top talent using these social media platforms and close critical job openings with effectiveness and relevant ease. Do you wish to understand how to use social media for recruitment? Here are a few...

03 Sep 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Sep 3rd, 2015

How to Retain Staff When Top Talent Is Leaving

A company’s biggest asset is its workforce. As difficult as it is to hire top talent, it is even harder to retain them. There are several reasons why a high performing employee leaves a company. Factors such as low appreciation, unsuitable reward and recognition schemes, poor executive management, constant upheavals in organisational hierarchy, lack of work-life balance, motivation deficiency and unattractive compensation packages result in high employee attrition rates, even in some of the...

18 Aug 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Aug 18th, 2015

Australia’s Booming Digital Economy & Employment Opportunities

A recent digital economy survey carried out by Deloitte Access Economics predicted that Australia’s digital economy will stand alone contribute to $79 billion to the country’s GDP by the end of 2015, placing it well ahead of highly profitable food and retail sectors in overall value generation. With most Australian businesses adopting cloud computing technologies, registering their digital footprint on social media networks and using mobile technology to run their day-to-day operations, the...

24 Jul 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Jul 24th, 2015

CEO role for ex-ManpowerGroup exec

Experienced industry executive Tony Hall has joined digital recruitment specialist S2M Digital as CEO. Hall was most recently general manager of ManpowerGroup business Experis Australia, prior to which he spent a stint out-of-industry as CEO of his own environmental certification business, GreenBizCheck. Managing director David Jackson told Shortlist S2M created the CEO position to capitalise on its current growth. “We’ve been experiencing some really strong growth over the last 12...

05 Jul 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Jul 5th, 2015

Why Outsource Your Hiring Requirements to a Recruitment Company

The scenario Even in a recovering Australian economy, recruitment market statistics suggest a big lacuna in the ratio of job vacancies to unemployment. Although Australia’s unemployment rate dipped to 6% after a 12-month low in May this year with a sudden spike in the number of part-time jobs, it seems that skilled job seekers are still rooted in recession and are finding it extremely difficult to find the right employment opportunities matched to their bespoke expertise. The country’s job...

28 Jun 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Jun 28th, 2015

The Role of a Recruiter in Helping You Make an Upward Career Move

If you are a C-level executive, chances are that you’ve held your current job for a few years and have been so involved in carrying out your duties that you’ve not really had a chance to venture out in the job market and explore better career opportunities during this time period. A promotion at work seems like a far cry. What used to seem like a satisfactory job has now left you saturated. Plus, by being off the employment radar it’s also possible that you’ve missed sporadic hiring...

28 Jun 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN S2M News | Jun 28th, 2015

How to: Improve Your Website’s Search Ranking with White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a combination of strategies implemented to improve your website’s search performance on search engine page results (SERPs), in complete accordance with ethical digital practices and the search engines’ individual terms, conditions and policies. As opposed to black hat SEO, white hat SEO tactics focus on human audiences rather than search engines and help to maintain the integrity of your website. These tactics are often defined and bound by the world’s most commonly used...

28 Jun 2015

POSTED BY Yezen Nwiran IN S2M News | Jun 28th, 2015

Xero and ASB collaborate to bring business payment cloud solution

Xero and ASB have recently launched a cloud based business-to-business payment banking model that will allow small business owners to raise invoices and approve them online. This will immensely enhance the online customer experience, as business owners will be able to arrange payments in Xero and drive them through ASB’s FastNet business platform. With the use of the cloud-accounting technology, businesses can save valuable time to give their customers rather than downloading these statements...

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