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24 Jul 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Our Team | Jul 24th, 2015

CEO role for ex-ManpowerGroup exec

Experienced industry executive Tony Hall has joined digital recruitment specialist S2M Digital as CEO. Hall was most recently general manager of ManpowerGroup business Experis Australia, prior to which he spent a stint out-of-industry as CEO of his own environmental certification business, GreenBizCheck. Managing director David Jackson told Shortlist S2M created the CEO position to capitalise on its current growth. “We’ve been experiencing some really strong growth over the last 12...

16 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Our Team | May 16th, 2015

Shortlist chats with… David Jackson, S2M

David Jackson fell into recruitment at 28, after deciding it was time to stop “floating around”, managing bands, booking venues and filming underwater projects on the Great Barrier Reef, and find a career.   He was one of the first handful of employees at Parker Bridge (now Clarius) but after two years, decided to stretch his wings with his own venture, Global Job Network – a job board for travellers.   When that petered out, Jackson spent a few years freelancing, and in...

18 Apr 2014

POSTED BY Samantha Watts IN Our Team | Apr 18th, 2014

Campaign monitor receives US $250 million from Insight Venture Partners

Campaign Monitor, a Sydney-based company, known for creating e-mail marketing pitches and design solutions, has announced that Insight Venture Partners has infused US$250 million in the organisation. Insight Venture Partners is a tech-investor private equity and venture-capital organisation. The company was founded in 1995 with more than 90 investments worth $7.6 billion worldwide.   Campaign Monitor was founded in 2004 by Dave Greiner and Ben Richardson who grew up across the street in...

17 Apr 2014

POSTED BY James Cooper IN Our Team | Apr 17th, 2014

Adobe Reader detected with vulnerability

Adobe Reader has been detected a threat that can cause harm to its Android based users. The threat has vulnerability especially for the Android, which gives capability to attackers to execute arbitrary code on the operating system.   The threat was being watched by a Dutch information security firm Securify with its security researcher Yorick Koster. The firm submitted a detailed report on the bug to the Full Disclosure mailing list for the threat which has been detected with Android...

28 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Rebecca Herbert IN Our Team | Mar 28th, 2014

Adobe and SAP cross selling each others products

SAP and Adobe recently announced their reseller agreement to sell Adobe’s Marketing cloud with SAP HANA platform and Hybris Commerce Suite. In the global agreement, both the companies will invest to expand sales, marketing and development resources. With the partnership, both the companies want to create a ‘marketing cloud” solution for businesses who want to improve their customer relations and engagement. This “marketing cloud” will be an end-to-end collection of digital marketing...

26 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie IN Our Team | Mar 26th, 2014

Rules for creating your online Facebook profile

After Google, Facebook is the second most visited page on the internet. Therefore, it is important for a business, to create a Facebook business page to attract maximum customer attention. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow to create a Facebook Page for your business –   Creating a Facebook page: Create a Facebook account and then choose which type of page you want to create for your business. Opt for ‘Local Business’ or a ‘Company, institution or local...

24 Mar 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Our Team | Mar 24th, 2014

Effective Marketing Strategies for a Business

In the virtual world that is driven by internet advertising, email marketing is one of the most effective advertising techniques. It is estimated that over 122 billion emails are being sent everyday for promotional purposes. Therefore, it has become imperative that email marketing should be done in an effective way.   There are several underlying principles that must be kept in mind.   Subject line:  A good and catchy subject line is the basic rule for effective email marketing. ...

23 Mar 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Our Team | Mar 23rd, 2014

Top questions at job interviews

A job interview you were expecting to be eas,y might not seem all that smooth when you are sitting opposite to your interviewer. You will have to answer every question diligently, as even a small error can result in you loosing the chance for the prospective job. Every interview is different from another, making it hard to have any specific rules to help you secure the job you want. Interview questions differ with different jobs you apple for so do your research so you are prepared. However,...

22 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith IN Our Team | Mar 22nd, 2014

Three signs that suggest you are stuck in the wrong job

Do you wake up with this sinking and burdensome feeling about going to work? You are always exhausted and feel drained out on most of the days after you come back from work. If this feeling of being blue feels eternal with no light at the end of the tunnel, then it is the time that you take a good look at your job profile. If you constantly feel unhappy and are not content, this suggests that you are probably professionally dissatisfied. Here are some sure shot signs that imply you need to...

21 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Gerhard Schweinitz IN Our Team | Mar 21st, 2014

Google and it’s security features

With World Wide Web becoming the place where we store all our data,  online security has become the keyword. Our Gmail account has our entire personal and professional details. Hacking into an account can create serious problems for someone who stores valuable information in his/her account. So how do you make sure that your account is safe guarded? Well, Google has thought of this and given its users several options within their Google accounts to combat this growing security issue: Secure...

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