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26 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie IN Our Team, S2M News, Social Media & Marketing | Mar 26th, 2014 | one response

Rules for creating your online Facebook profile

After Google, Facebook is the second most visited page on the internet. Therefore, it is important for a business, to create a Facebook business page to attract maximum customer attention. Here are some guidelines that you need to follow to create a Facebook Page for your business –


  1. Creating a Facebook page: Create a Facebook account and then choose which type of page you want to create for your business. Opt for ‘Local Business’ or a ‘Company, institution or local business’ type of account on the Facebook page.


  1. Add basic information: Before you start sending out invites to your prospective customers and clients, complete the basic information. Provide basic details of your business like the nature of your business, contact details and the benefits of what you do. Every new visitor on your Facebook Page will like to know about your business, your product offering and how it can benefit them. You can put all these details by clicking on the ‘Edit Info’ link. When you are filling this information, make sure you write from a customer’s perspective who will be reading all this information. Be sure to provide them with the information that they would like to know about your business.


  1. Add Photos: Once you have filled out all the basic information about your business upload some pictures. Put a large size and clear photo for your company or brand. This will create awareness in your customers’ minds about your brand. The size of the picture must be at least 180 pixels to upload the picture on the Facebook Page.


  1. Fan tagging: If you are a local business that has a local customer base, involve your customers on your page. If possible to click pictures with your customers, upload these pictures and tag them in it. Customers can also upload pictures if they want to talk about your business. However, this will require moderation as user generated content sometimes is marked as spam. Tagging customers and fans on your Facebook page will heighten their interest levels and make them more involved with your Facebook brand activity.


Use these simple tips to create your Facebook page and engage your customers with your brand.

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