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24 Mar 2014

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Our Team, S2M News | Mar 24th, 2014 | 2,534 responses

Effective Marketing Strategies for a Business

In the virtual world that is driven by internet advertising, email marketing is one of the most effective advertising techniques. It is estimated that over 122 billion emails are being sent everyday for promotional purposes. Therefore, it has become imperative that email marketing should be done in an effective way.


There are several underlying principles that must be kept in mind.


  1. Subject line:  A good and catchy subject line is the basic rule for effective email marketing.  It is suggested that the subject line should have short and direct message for the customer. A header with 60 or more words is considered as a “dead zone” for the subject line.  A subject line with approximately 10 characters is considered with the most success rate.


  1. Time management: Office hours are generally considered to be the preferred time to sent emails. But contrary to the popular belief, late evening is the best time as this is a customer’s personal time. Therefore, sending emails after 7 pm is considered as the best time to send to launch an email marketing campaign.


  1. Content: Your customer has trusted you with their email ids, it’s your duty to respect this trust. Only send content that is relevant to them. Make sure you are sending your content to the right set of people. Make your message clear, where the customer should know what’s in it for them.


  1. Responsive design: Mobile has taken over desktops, so make sure that you don’t loose this opportunity.  Design you email so that a user who is reading your message via phone doesn’t face any issues.  Make it easier for your users to read and understand your message clearly so that they can respond to what they are reading.


Use these email marketing techniques in your email advertising to ensure it is reaching maximum potential!

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