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08 May 2015

How To: Ensure Social Media Success by Leveraging Google Analytics

If you wish to measure the real-time efficacy of your social media marketing campaign in bringing more traffic to your business website and making your brand more popular, all you need to do is leverage Google Analytics.


Besides increasing your fan following and social shares on popular networking sites, a robust social media marketing campaign can actually help to improve your bottom line and help you earn money from your online presence. Google Analytics comes very handy in converting desired business goals into actionable efforts and ensuring social media success through improved online conversions. Let’s see how:


Tracking Social Media Goals: Google Analytics helps you track your online goals. Whether you wish to direct a user from your social media page to a particular page on your business website, prompt him to sign up to your mailing list or make a shopping cart transaction, you can leverage detailed Social Media Reports available under Google Analytics’ Traffic Sources section to measure how your social media followers are getting converted into business leads and affecting sale conversions on your website.

These reports help you identify the top social websites that send maximum traffic to your website, the most popular landing pages on your website for such social media traffic and total conversions resulting from the traffic. In order to access such social media reports, all you need to do is install the basic Google Analytics code on your business website and have it measure all the social network traffic referrals!

Niche Social Reporting: Apart from tracking traffic and data from top social networking sites, Google Analytics also helps you to track niche social websites of your choice. You can set up your own criteria and parameters to filter Google Analytics data in the Advanced Segment. This helps you obtain more detailed data and information such as total visits, unique visitors, new visits, page views and average duration per visit, etc. from the social networks specified by you.


While filling up the Advanced Segments, it is important to have a good mix of general and top social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, image and video-based social media sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest and Vimeo, niche social media sites based on your business and industry (such as travel, photography, cooking, etc.) as well as social bookmarking sites such as Reddit and Digg.

Tracking UTM Parameters: UTM parameters are specific tags that you add to your website URL. When the URL is clicked by a visitor, the tags are sent to Google Analytics for the purpose of tracking. In the context of social media marketing campaigns, UTM parameters help to identify the avenues that drive visitors to your website. In other words, if you are running a social advertising campaign on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, UTM parameters can show you the traffic that comes specifically from users clicking your advertisement links on these specified social networks.

For example, if you are a fashion designer and are promoting your Summer Collection 2015 through an advertisement on Facebook, all you need to do is add the following link to your ad:


(You can also use the free Google URL Builder Tool to create your own URL with UTM parameter in a quick and easy manner.)

When your users click on the link, Google Analytics will know that they are coming from Facebook through your advertisement for Summer Collection 2015.

With the help of UTM parameters, you can identify which social sites and advertisement campaigns are bringing you the maximum website traffic and leading to sales conversions. Google Analytics provides all such key details in the Traffic Sources/Sources/Campaign sections of its reports.

Google Analytics not only helps you to track the progress of your social media marketing campaign but also gives you key insights into relevant data, tools and techniques to ensure its success.

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