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29 Jul 2013

POSTED BY DJackson IN General | Jul 29th, 2013 | 32 responses

Google Real-Time Translation Service for Mobile Adjudged as Near Perfect with close to 100 percent accuracy

By David Jackson. 


Google prototyped a real-time translation technology that would revolutionize the way you communicate when travelling abroad. This Babel fish-like concept from Google theoretically enables two individuals speaking different languages to speak into a device and get their words translated without any delay.


Google’s most recent technological effort, its real-time translation service for mobile phones is successfully underway and is being adjudged asnear perfect, quotes Android product management vice president Hugo Barra. He also claimed that the translation product is close to 100 percent accuracy, at the same time, working proficiently to offer the best results possible. Google has achieved thus by working endlessly to create tons of prototypes essential for better interaction.


The Times Barras describes Google real-time translation as “near-perfect” with some pairings like conversations between Portuguese and English.


The goal that Google wants to achieve is very convoluted as it wants to generate a universal translator in which a user will talk in one language while the person on the other end will hear the conversation in their own native tongue.


Near 100% perfection has only been witnessed in a controlled test environment that is void of background noise and other environmental sounds, as warned by Google’s product manager.


Google Translate platform has been used by the customers for quite a few years, but the setup faces some restrictions and thus provides only non-real-time conversations based on typed words and sentences. On the other hand, this real-time translation production adds a more robust system to the Android platform.


In-house testing is still underway, if successful Google could revolutionise the way businesses and customers communicate on a daily basis.


With this product, Google is sure to lead the way to a better real-time translation service for mobile customers. This real-time translation services will also increase the purchase of an Android-based smartphone.

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