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21 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Gerhard Schweinitz IN IT & Technology, Our Team, S2M News | Mar 21st, 2014 | 1,194 responses

Google and it’s security features

With World Wide Web becoming the place where we store all our data,  online security has become the keyword. Our Gmail account has our entire personal and professional details. Hacking into an account can create serious problems for someone who stores valuable information in his/her account. So how do you make sure that your account is safe guarded? Well, Google has thought of this and given its users several options within their Google accounts to combat this growing security issue:
Secure Gmail account with Step-2 verification: If you already have a Gmail account, make it a safer place for your data by enabling step-2 verification with your phone on your Gmail account. With this feature, you need your password and a verification code to sign-in to your account. This verification code is sent on your phone. So if anyone is trying to hack into your account would also require your phone to have access to the verification code.

Opt-out from Google Analytics: Google Analytics is being used by many business owners to know the traffic trend on their websites. But if you do not want to share your details of a particular visited website, you have the option of not sharing your data by opting-outing from Google Analytics.

Managing Google+ Circles: If you do not want to share particular content with some people, you can create Google Circles. You can create Google Circles like professional, personal and acquaintance, to share the relevant data with each one of them. You can share local settings, YouTube videos and other content with the relevant circle.

Google Talk offline chat: If your want to secure your Google chat by not storing chat history, you can chat in offline mode. This will take your chat off the record unless you change the settings again.

So start using these additional security features on Google to secure your data from unwanted attention.

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