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26 Nov 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Content, General, Online Retail Industry News | Nov 26th, 2015 | no responses

Has Uber lost its cool?

When Uber first started, I was very impressed with its clean cars, fast bookings, snappy use of mobile technology, paperless payments and friendly drivers. It was a very welcome change from the highly uncomfortable experience when jumping into so many smelly, ageing taxis throughout Australian capital cities.



My love affair with Uber has now cooled after a short trip across town in Sydney last week…








  • The Uber driver could not find me as he was believing the GPS location and not my office address which I had inputted into my booking. He had to call me so I could confirm I was at the exact location I booked my pickup. 


  • Even with the destination in his GPS he had no idea how to navigate the one way streets to the other side of the Sydney CBD and had not heard of the famous restaurant I was heading to in The Rocks. 


  • The final cost seemed reasonable enough but when I experimented with a regular taxi on the return journey the bill was actually $1 cheaper!


  • Uber sent me an email to advise their terms and conditions had been updated and feel free to contact them with any questions. I simply replied that it would be great to know what terms and conditions had changed and the reply was… “Unfortunately we’re unable to summarize the changes as we want to avoid any misunderstanding. If you have free time, you can take time to read the Terms and Conditions.”

My experience last week has negated the benefits of using Uber. He was late to pick me up, had no idea where he was going and cost $1 more than a taxi – plus I was forced to automatically agree to new Terms and Conditions of which I have no idea to what I have agreed!

All regular taxis need to do is clean themselves up and implement a decent booking App, payment system and then Uber is no longer the hip and happening disruptor that everyone is annoyingly raving about. This is a great example of how technology has enabled a start-up to flourish in a competitive sector but it is the customer experience which is critical to real success.

Tony Hall is CEO of leading Australian recruitment company S2M Digital – providing quality talent to innovative industry leaders.


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