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05 Jul 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN General | Jul 5th, 2015 | no responses

How to Brand Yourself Well While Looking For a Job?

We all have our personal reasons for buying a particular brand – be it toothpaste, a mobile phone or a designer handbag. Whether we tried a product and liked it or one of our friends recommended it to us, the bottom line is that the brand we chose over a zillion others delivered its promise and we were so happy with the experience that we went for it again and again, without even bothering to try out other options. Branding is deeply entrenched in all aspects of our lives – from our shampoos, to our cars and everything in between. It defines our choices, our lifestyle and all that makes us unique. And when we become unique, we become brands too.  Unfortunately, most job seekers forget this very critical aspect about themselves when looking for that perfect career opportunity. Think about it this way – if Apple did not know how to capitalise on its USPs, how would it ever come to occupy the numero uno position in the list of ‘world’s most valuable brands’?

Personal branding for job search is no longer a choice; it is an absolute must. Recruitment managers receive and discard hundreds of candidate applications every day. Personal branding makes your CV stand out. But in order to apply personal branding to your job search, you must be aware of these three very important questions:

  1. Who you are as a candidate?
  2. What special experience you have that sets you apart from the crowd?
  3. Which direction are you headed in as a professional?

These answers will help you bring out your identity and save you from being a part of a faceless crowd.

The next step is to package yourself as a product. Look beyond your skill-sets and previous work experience and unravel the USPs of your personality. Go over your resume and identify your passion, interests and enthusiasm for a certain type of roles. Do you have good work ethics? How about leadership qualities? What kind of projects or work environment motivates you? Such deep introspection will help you understand the direction that you wish to drive your career in. Communicate these aspects in your job application, including your resume and cover letter, so that you come off as ‘the whole package’.

The key to personal branding during job search is to allow your personality to shine. Your resume should highlight your skills and must be compelling enough to make an HR executive pick up the phone and call you for an interview. Let your cover letter emphasise on your personality and uniqueness. Explain in details why you will be a better choice over other applicants.

Developing your personal brand does not end with a resume and a cover letter. Do you have a business card or a personal website that includes your work portfolio? These little things help to bring out your individuality, while showcasing your personal and professional talents at the same time. Plus, these serve as additional ways to reach you!

Leverage the power of social media. Online job search has become rampant these days; besides online job portals, you can use various networking sites to search for new openings and vacancies, interact with HR Managers directly or even share employment related news with your peers. But beware! Since almost every possible nugget of information about you is now available online for social media background check, make sure all materials available to prospective employers or talent acquisition specialists are correct, clean, reliable and not misleading. Update your LinkedIn profile frequently. Delete all the superfluous social media accounts chronicling your wild teenage days. Put up decent pictures that show who you are as an individual – a certain hobby that you have or a professional event that you attended, maybe! Basically, your job application letter should not say one thing about you and your Facebook profile quite another. Brand yourself consistently.

With personal branding you can conduct your job search in a more focussed and organised manner. Matching your qualifications with the desired employer’s requirements will help you understand what kind of jobs you are qualified for and which others you would actually be interested in. All-in-all, if you know how to brand yourself well while looking for a job, the chances of you landing the perfect opportunity is increased manifold.

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