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23 May 2015

How To: Build Your Brand with Effective Consumer Public Relations

It is understandable for brands to slash their marketing expenses during difficult times when credit market is tight and consumer expenditure at an all time low. Thankfully, with reviving markets and thriving competition, the need to gain consumer confidence is on the rise too. This indeed is a time for businesses to get up on their feet, tell their story and nurture lasting consumer public relations.


Public Relations or PR is an important (but often overpassed!) element of the marketing strategy. It helps a brand to broaden the exposure of its products/services in the market and reach target customers in all possible walks of life. With the right public relations strategy, a brand can engage with its target groups at places where they least expect it, surprise and delight them in different ways and create news that fetch maximum media coverage!


Consumer Public Relations comprises a whole bunch of activities, including influencer marketing, online media discussions, promotional events, contests, celebrity seeding, product sampling, and strategic media placements etc., that go into building the public image of a brand, educating customers about its offerings, garnering trust and generating customer loyalty.


With the help of effective consumer public relations, a brand can communicate its identity, values and offerings to its target customers. It can reach out to its target users outside and beyond strategic digital touch-points – out in the ‘real world’ and engage them in real, one-on-one communication. This helps customers to identify with the brands and their values more readily. At the same time, effective public relations help brands to know consumer opinion and develop their product or service offerings around such responses with a view to enrich customer experience.

In order to achieve these key goals, companies hire a Public Relations Planner or Strategist, who promotes bilateral interactions between a brand and its customers and connects them to the brand at an emotional level! He sets out the brand’s objectives, identifies its target consumers and implements a public relations strategy that engages and monitors consumers through relevant mediums of communication.

The PR Planner combines robust integrated communication strategies into the brand’s overall marketing plan to reach out to target customers with strategic messages. Such PR messages can be part of a company’s direct marketing, social media marketing, advertising, online marketing or customer loyalty campaigns or can be disseminate independently to build and improve the company’s reputation in the public eye at large.

An important point to note is that Public Relations, although significant, cannot be implemented as a standalone strategy for building brands. It yields maximum success when executed together with digital marketing plans, traditional media relations and a stellar communication strategy.

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