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10 Jun 2015

How to: Keep Up With New Online Marketing Trends in 2015

Whether you run a business on the digital platform or in a brick and mortar shop, digital marketing must be a part of your game plan for success. As we move deeper into 2015, there are a few emerging online marketing trends that you need to be follow and implement this year in order to stay ahead of the curve and close your annual PNL statement with a thick profit margin. Here’s a quick sneak-peek at them.

Image and Video-based Content Marketing: Content might be king but its scope expands well beyond the written word. Research shows that a growing number of digitally savvy consumers are developing interest in image or video based content and scouting social media platforms such as YouTube and Vine for matter that interests them. Think about it – isn’t more interesting to just watch a short clip or scan an info-graphic than read a 400 words article?

If you wish to make the most of your digital marketing campaigns in 2015, give your users what they are looking for! Apply a more image-centric approach to all your marketing collaterals, including your blogs and newsletters. Not only will they catch your target consumers’ attention but will also inform, entertain and engage them in a better manner.

Increase Your Mobile Outreach: The mobile revolution has begun. With the age of desktops almost drawing to a close and users shifting to their smartphones and tablets to ‘go online’, you too need to make your business ‘mobile ready’ and join the bandwagon of mobile marketing. Design a mobile version of your website and develop new mobile apps that your target audiences can use to connect with your business anywhere – anytime.

There is another big advantage of taking your business to the mobile arena – it helps with local marketing too. Whether you own a restaurant or a pet clinic, those in need of your services can find you easily through a simple mobile search. By increasing your mobile outreach, you can truly bump up the scope of your online marketing campaigns and make your business more accessible to your target consumers.

(Just remember: For the purpose of design consistency and navigational ease, keep your mobile web layout similar to that of your online website so that your users do not get lost!)

Focus on Native Advertising: Remember promoted tweets on Twitter, Facebook stories, Tumblr posts and ads appearing alongside organic search results on Google? These are all examples of native advertising. The term ‘native’ clearly explains that your online content should match the tone, form or function of the platform on which it is published. In other words, it’s time to have fun with your marketing content, without making it seem annoying or a blatant ‘in-your-face’ advertorial!

Native advertising helps to make your content more interesting and more relevant to the users visiting specific platforms. Of course there is a ‘hidden’ sales pitch somewhere, but with smart marketing skills, you can make your content look more genuine and less ‘promoted’.

Here’s hoping that these tips will help you keep up with the emerging online marketing trends of 2015 and take your business to new heights!

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