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05 Jun 2015

How to: Manage Your Company’s Social Media Image Effectively

Establishing a strong social media presence and maintaining a good image on numerous virtual platforms is an ordeal. But with the right strategies and activities, you can not only bag all the ‘likes’, ‘shares’, ‘follows’ and ‘retweets’ but can communicate your business message effectively and carve out a great online reputation for your brand on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google+, MySpace, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Here are a few tips for managing your company’s social media image effectively and lucratively:

Work Cohesively – When working with multiple social media sites, it is very important to have a consistent social media strategy, which ensures that all communications related to your brand message, products or services are similar, non-repetitive and clear. Avoid duplicate accounts and redundant posts because they only baffle the target audiences and reflect poorly on your brand image. Also remember, it is not possible for a single person to manage all your social media accounts. However, it is also important that different personnel handling different accounts work cohesively to avoid content duplication and confusion.

Be In-Charge – Delegating work among teams is a great idea to release work pressure and ensure consistency of all social media communications. However, there must also be a supervisor, in-charge of setting social media policies, defining the scope of social media activities, organising teams and overseeing all efforts as a whole. A dynamic social media manager lays the foundation of great online reputation management and leads his team as a mentor to achieve set out goals and objectives.

To Be or Not To Be? – The World Wide Web is flooded with social media platforms and sites. This does not mean that your company must be present on all of them! Scour the web to make an inventory of the most important social media and networking sites that are relevant for your brand or business and would get you in touch with relevant target groups. This will help you set up your social media profile on appropriate platforms and rule out bogus sites that might be detrimental to your social media image. Importantly, it will also help you avoid the biggest blunder of all – having way too many social media pages scattered all over the internet, forgetting about most of them and leaving some important ones unattended because of the sheer magnanimity of efforts required to manage all of them! This is Part One of the problem.

Part Two of the problem is having previous employees or fans/followers create social media pages for your company and not having “official’ knowledge about such profiles. Such pages may divert and even confuse your target groups. Have your team find such extraneous pages and decide whether or not to keep them, depending on their relevancy and target audience engagement.

Meet Your Team Regularly: To ensure that all team members are on the same page, it is imperative to hold meetings on a regular basis to discuss topics like social media objectives, editorial calendar, your company’s target audiences, style guide for posts and comments, work division and additional resources. If you work in a large organisation with offices located all over the globe, you can consider using Goggle Hangouts and GoToMeeting platforms to interact with your teams and discuss crucial issues that affect your company’s overall social media image.

Solicit Support: Even though you are appointed as the Social Media Manager for your company and have a team to work with, do not leave out the rest of your organisation. Treat every employee in your company as an asset for online reputation building. Inform the rest of the organisation about your team’s social media goals and encourage them to participate in social media activities by liking, following, sharing or commenting on posts and updates. This is an exciting way to engage your colleagues to amplify your content, promote your company’s brand and build a great social media image.

Here’s hoping that these tips will help you gain full control of your company’s social media image and build a great brand reputation for it amid the great online chaos!

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