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03 Sep 2015

How to Use Social Media for Recruitment

Social-Recruitment-The-War-for-Talent-John-AntoniosA good recruiter knows where the most talented and qualified professionals hang out, network and communicate with each other. With over 500 million combined users, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have introduced the concept of ‘social recruiting’, helping head hunters around the world engage with top talent using these social media platforms and close critical job openings with effectiveness and relevant ease. Do you wish to understand how to use social media for recruitment? Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Using LinkedIn to Find Top Talent

For as less as $195, you can post a job opening on LinkedIn for 30 days. You can maximise your cost savings by buying extra credits and paying less for even job that you post. LinkedIn also allows you to sign up for the exclusive Talent Advantage and utilise a set of recruitment tools to find and hire suitable candidates.

However, if you do not have a specified recruitment budget and want to explore free job posting features, this social media platform has several resources for that purpose as well. Start building your network of contacts and add your co-workers, ex-colleagues and professionals from similar industry as yours to populate your list of connections. Join relevant LinkedIn groups where you can connect with potential candidates from your business or job category.

You can use your LinkedIn Status Box to post new job openings and tell your connections that you are hiring. “Hiring Digital Managers with so many years of experience. Send Your CV directly to this email ID or recommend your friends and contacts” is a good example of posting a job opening on LinkedIn. You can post similar job related information on relevant LinkedIn groups that you’ve joined, listing all the details of the profile and providing a contact address for potential candidates to get in touch with you.

Once you’ve received applications through LinkedIn, you can go through individual candidate profiles to assess whether they are a good fit for the specific job. Evaluate their profile, current and previous work experience, and recommendations from seniors and peers and connect with them to organise a personal interview.

Using LinkedIn for recruitment is most prevalent amongst small to mid sized businesses who wish to get in touch with a massive talent pool without spending a bomb on the hiring process.
Using Facebook for Recruitment

As the Number One social networking platform, Facebook offers a unique possibility to reach out to thousands of potential candidates outside your own LinkedIn connections and other social media databases. With several easy and affordable options to increase your pool of applicants, Facebook has indeed reinvented the process of social hiring. As an HR Manager, you can leverage the Facebook directory to look for and connect with relevant users, groups, professional pages and specific job networks – geographically.

Post a free job advertisement on the Facebook Marketplace, stating some basic information such as Job Title, location, category, profile description, compensation and urgency. The limitation of a free job ad is that it is a generic post and you cannot post it for target user groups to see. You can also create a Facebook page for free and update it with latest employment news and hiring posts to advertise new job openings without spending a penny. To use your Facebook page as a recruitment tool, make sure that all information about your company is accurate and up-to-date. People who have liked or follow your Facebook page are likely to see all job postings and connect with you directly for further discussions.

If these free Facebook recruitment resources do not work out, you always have the Facebook Ad option that you can leverage to reach out to your target audiences and potential candidates. Rivaling Google Adwords and Yahoo in terms of laser targeting and visibility, Facebook Ads require you to answer a few questions related to your job posting, such as the candidate’s age, location, gender, and other specific keywords, and prepares a list of all users that fit your criteria.

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Once you have this list, you can choose to go for Pay Per Click (how many users clicked your advertisement) or Pay Per Impression (how many users potentially saw your job advertisement). You can also decide whether to run your job ad for a limited number of months or only for certain time duration. With Facebook Ads, you can set an upper limit to your recruitment budget and leverage a vast pool of targeted top talent filtered on the basis of your specific criteria.

Using Twitter for New Hirings

Thanks to Twitter, HR Managers can close a vacancy in 140 characters or less! Create your company’s Twitter profile and increase your follower base by searching for users discussing topics around a common set of keywords (hash tags in Twitter lingo) relevant to your job opening or industry.

With Twitter, you can find hundreds of potential candidates by location, industry, interests, profession, hash tags (#), popularity and more! You can post your job opening with relevant and popular Twitter hash tags such as #job, #employment, #jobpost, #jobhunt, #jobopening, #joblisting, #career, #recruiting, #hiring, #NAJ (Twitter slang for need a job) and make your advertisement instantly visible to thousands of Twitter users using or following these hash tags!

“Digital Manager #job in #Sydney, attractive salary, apply at (insert a tiny url)” is a good example of Twitter job advertisement.

A good way to evaluate potential candidates on Twitter is to see how often they tweet, how big is their network, whether they only post new updates or also respond to other users and retweet relevant posts and whether they have a good balance between following and followers.

The only restriction with a Twitter job ad is that you need to pack in as much relevant information as possible within 140 characters. So make sure you use the right hash tags that will make your tweets pop!

In today’s hyper-connected digital age, social media broadens the scope of recruitment, helping employer brands to connect with the most qualified professionals and increase their talent pool by closing critical job openings in a matter of clicks!




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