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12 May 2015

How To: Improve Sales with Effective Database Marketing

It is truly baffling to see most businesses sitting on a gold mine of information about their target customers but seldom using that information to acquire new leads, develop prospects, achieve sales or acquire referrals. Database marketing helps to bring such key information out of the ‘repository’ and leverage it to generate new business and improve sales.


Database marketing is often regarded as a synonym for dealing with truck loads of contact names, addresses, email IDs and phone numbers. Most marketing professionals find the job outright boring; others hesitate to bother clients by sending them ‘spam’ emails and newsletters asking them to sign-up for or seek their company’s services.


Database marketing is an integral component of a robust sales strategy and if used wisely, can help a business to improve its bottom line significantly. Here are a few tips to chart out an effective database marketing strategy to win new business leads and boost sales:

Categorise & Build Trust: The first essential step to database marketing is categorising existing clients and prospects. Grow your database gradually. Collect new information about your existing clients to win recurring business from them. Existing clients who are happy with your services will not only give you more business but will also refer you in their business circles. Interact with referrals personally and send offers and quotes to targeted sub-sections rather than the whole list.

Use the reference of your existing clients when approaching prospects referred by them to build ‘top of the mind’ awareness. Your new prospects can find out about you from your existing clients and choose you when they are ready to make a buying decision. This approach also helps to inculcate confidence and push sales while working with new leads as against random correspondences that usually lack the trust factor.

Communicate Right: Having the latest and the right information about your clients and prospects can help you communicate with them in a strategic manner. Database marketing is not about sending spam emails to clients. It is about sending the right message and information that your target customers need – at the right time. Also, it is important to keep the channel of communication open so that your prospects can contact you when they require. Being available to them in their time of need and responding to their queries in a quick, efficient and relevant manner will go a long way in establishing trust, generating leads and achieving sales.


Relevance vs. Volume: Remember, database marketing is not about volume. It is about relevance. You need not hire a team of executives to maintain massive data records or purchase high-end software to categorise client information. You can do it yourself with a simple and planned approach.


Similarly, your marketing efforts should be focused on relevant prospects who are more likely to open your email, read it and contact you for business. The content of your correspondences should be highly relevant too in order to attract attention and generate genuine interest in your service offerings. At the same time, do not flood your prospects with emails. Communication overload defeats the very approach of strategic database marketing and there are chances that your prospects would hit the ‘Unsubscribe’ button and cut off all communications with you.


Here’s hoping that these tips will help you plan your database marketing moves and experience exponential grow in sales.


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