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29 Aug 2013

POSTED BY DJackson IN General | Aug 29th, 2013 | 770 responses

Myths About Online Content Writing

By Rebecca Herbert. 


Writing online content for marketing is a common practice now. Marketing through content is a good way to boost the online authority of a brand and enhance its visibility. The Internet is also replete with how to-s, tips, tricks and tutorials about writing effective online content. You can certainly use most of these to strategise your content marketing plans. At the same time, it is good to be aware of some persistent misconceptions and myths about content creation and ensure that you are not misguided in this domain. These include:


Effective marketing calls for writing more and more content


Eager to extract all possible benefits of content marketing, business owners often start stressing on quantity over quality. Some of them feel that posting a set of blogs each day and Facebook updates by the hour can improve the visibility of their brands. This is incorrect because a deluge of content would make your followers weary. No body wants to be bothered with a continual string of FB updates. Quality is what brings you search engine traction and viral sharing on social media sites. So if you substitute originality with sheer volume, your efforts might be in vain.


It is essential to follow all the conventional rules set for social media and blogging


Actually there are no hard core rules for blogging and micro blogging. Although there are some principles and time tested practices, it is the worth of the content that matters for the business. The information and news that you share on your blogs should drive engagement on the page. There is no need to emulate what others are doing – simply be creative and differentiate your brand.



If people make purchases but do not bother to read my blogs or visit my social media profiles, my online marketing strategies are a waste


It is wrong to think so. The results of effective digital or online marketing may not be prominently visible in the beginning. But engaging content does help in building your brand’s integrity. You do win the trust and confidence of your customers. This eventually leads to more sales and better rates of client retention.

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