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23 Jun 2009

POSTED BY DJackson IN General | Jun 23rd, 2009 | 5 responses

S2M Digital, ranks 34th on the BRW Fast Starters 2009

S2M Digital, ranks 34th on the BRW Fast Starters 2009

23 June 2009

Specialist recruitment agency, s2m Digital has not only ridden the wave of the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) but has scored a ranking of 34th on this years BRW Fast Starters and continues to grow and hire new staff as their clients request more of their service’s every day.

“We pride ourselves on the strength and depth of the relationships we’ve developed with our clients and candidates…” says David Jackson, Managing Director.

This is evident from the portfolio of clients the agency has. Having opened its doors just 3 years ago, s2m Digital has clients such as News Digital Media, IDM, Fairfax Digital, ACP Publishing, ninemsn, Yahoo!7, SBS along with a high-level strategic relationship with a major telecommunications operator and is currently on the speed-dial of all the major global advertising agencies.

“We operate on an inch-wide, mile deep principle. We do not aspire to be involved in every industry or to grab all the jobs we’re offered to fill. However, in the space that we operate in, we make sure that we excel in our field, know what’s going on in our market and be open and transparent with our dealings”, Jackson says.

In a time when recruitment agencies are closing shop quicker than Twitter’s revenue strategy has been developed, s2m is expanding its Sydney/Melbourne teams and
looking at overseas expansion.

To experience this growth, especially during these challenging economic times, truly makes s2m the “fast starting” recruitment agency to watch for 2009.

The BRW Fast Starters 2009 edition looks at trends across fast growing companies and includes profiles of many of the members. The list showcases entrepreneurial and growing businesses from across the economy and highlights strategies and tactics they use to be successful.

Sean Aylmer, BRW Editor In Chief says “previous members of the BRW Fast Starters list have graduated to make the BRW Fast 100 list and the most successful have been on the BRW Rich 200.”

PR Contact: David Jackson, s2m Digital, 9228 9000 david@s2m.com.au

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