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30 Apr 2014

Secret Mobile Application for Android

Secret, is an iOS mobile application meant for sharing one’s personal thoughts such as confessions, rumors and other such conversations anonymously with friends and public. The new mobile application was launched around a year back in the United States and has been a sensation since then. The app has caused a sensation among the younger generation with the age bracket of above 25 years.

The mobile app has raised $10 million funding recently. With the new investment, the co-owners of the app, Chrys Bader-Wechseler and David Byttow, are planning to expand its horizon. The duo is thinking of expanding the application’s presence in English speaking countries – Australia, UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

The app is currently available only for iOS in The United States. But with the new investment funding, it is expected that the app will be soon launched on Android platform as well in the near future. The app is currently focusing on various features such as “alert” to its users in case they make any offensive statement. Another interesting feature that is expected to be on the app is “share”. The feature enables a user to share secret posts with its nearby users. The main idea is to make a user accountable for his or her actions even when they are anonymous to everyone.

The move for introducing the app on Android could be dedicated to the fact that Android enjoys an immense popularity in The United States. When the app was launched on the iOS platform, it overnight reserved itself the position of 16 on Annie’s U.S. rankings for social networking app downloads. But it sank lower recently with its current position as 134. With introducing the app on Android platform, it aims to achieve the milestone once more.

So, if you want to share your secrets without reveling your name, Secret app is the platform. 

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