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07 Oct 2015

Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Business?

Hiring a virtual assistant can completely change the face of your business. Thanks to the Internet, small business owners can now outsource critical functionalities of their day-to-day operations to experts, without taking on the financial burden of hiring full-time employees.


If you have big ideas to take your business forward but no one to help you implement them; if you work 10 to 12 hours a day just to keep things running smoothly and yet feel that you’re not actually keeping up with the pace; if you spend too much time taking care of administrative work and procrastinate ‘real’ business issues that demand your attention – you should hire a virtual assistant.

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A virtual assistant can take care of all auxiliary activities so that you can take control of your business, rather than the other way round. Here are the top five reasons why you should hire a virtual assistant for your business:




Take care of administrative work: Exhaustive administrative work takes up a lot of your time and kills productivity. By delegating all these non-core tasks to a virtual assistant, you can spend your time the way you want! You can focus on building relationships with clients, business networking, or even spend more time with family and friends rather than in the office. With a VA to take care of everything that doesn’t necessarily need to be handled by you, you can dig out of the administrative rut, be more efficient and grow your business exponentially!

Save money: Apart from paying full-time employees to handle your business, you also need to make a host of other additional expenses such as paying for medical insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, vacation pays and payroll taxes to keep on-site personnel. These expenses tend to add up considerably over a period of time and cost your business a lot of money. With a virtual assistant, you don’t have to worry about such obligatory expenditures. VAs are located off-site and charge by the hour, so you can seek their services whenever you want and at a fraction of the cost that you incur towards paying salaries to your on-site personnel. Plus, you don’t even need to spend time on recruiting, hiring and training full-time employees!

Organise … everything: As a business owner, you may not have as much time as you would like to stay organised. You might even put aside a few important tasks because, let’s face it, you can’t handle everything all at once. Here’s when you can rely on an expert to help you out. From updating business calendars, setting up meetings, making travel arrangements and performing miscellaneous business research to sending follow-up emails and invoices to clients, filling out expenditure reports, tracking reimbursements and handling your digital campaigns – a virtual assistant can literally do anything and everything for you! Most VAs have their own areas of business expertise and can help you out in a variety of ways. With their assistance, you can be more productive and less stressed-out.

Take charge of your business: As a business owner, it is important for you to have full control over your enterprise. But when you struggle with mundane things and feel too overwhelmed with your workload, it is quite possible for you to lose that control. When you hire a virtual assistant who knows what you need and gives it to you exactly when you need it, you can take charge of your business and run it with confidence and efficiency.

Save running expenditure: Apart from paying employees, you also need to pay for the cost of office space, equipment and maintenance. Setting up an office costs money and keeping full-time employees multiplies your running expenses. If you minus the cost of office space, computers, printers, fax machines, internet, office furniture, electricity, phone bills, repairs and maintenance, can you imagine the amount of money you’ll save? The good news is, you can! Just hire a virtual assistant.

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With almost all business transactions happening over the internet and most professional relationships being virtual these days, may be it’s time to reconsider whether your enterprise too could benefit from the services of a virtual assistant!


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