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25 Jul 2013

POSTED BY DJackson IN General | Jul 25th, 2013 | one response

Smart Tips to Create a Purple Smoke Effect in Photoshop

Smart Tips to Create a Purple Smoke Effect in Photoshop

25 July 2013

By David Jackson.


For people working in the field of
graphic designing, Adobe Photoshop is considered as one of the most useful software that is equipped
with all the creative and effective tools. Adobe has always upgraded its
software series in all its versions and comes up with lots of new features and


Creating a smoke effect in Photoshop is useful if a designer wants to make impressive art projects. Effects such as smoke coming out of a cigarette or cup of tea, an abstract artwork, or ghostly scene with fog coming out of water, Photoshop makes it all very easy.


Here are a few tips that you can use to create a perfect smoke effect in Adobe Photoshop:


  • Once you have opened a new file, make sure to set the colour mode to “RGB Colour” and background content to either transparent or white.


  • Go in the toolbar, click on “Fill” and choose a dark shade such as black on the background. Then, in the same toolbar, click on “Paint Bucket” and add your base colour on the background.


  • In the main menu, click on “Layer” and then go on the “New Layer”.


  • Then, in the toolbar, click and use the “Polygonal Lasso” tool to draw an image of smoke.


  • In the same toolbar, click on the “Fill” colour box, choose a purple colour for the foreground and a white colour for the background. Then use the “Gradient” tool by holding the mouse over the image, and use it as per your design.


  • Go on the main menu, click on the “Dodge” tool and click on “Highlights” from the pulled out menu. Select “17Px” for the brush size and “50%” for the exposure. Hold the mouse over your image, and appropriately use the dodge tool.


  • In the main menu, click on “Edit” then click on “Fade” and then set the opacity to “50%”.  Once you have done this, click on the “Smudge” tool from the toolbar, choose your brush from the main menu, and from the drop-down mode, select “Normal” keeping the opacity at “50%.” Finally, drag over the smoke image by holding your computer mouse.



Following these tips, you can create as many smoky effects as you want and enhance your designing skills at the same time.      


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One Response to “Smart Tips to Create a Purple Smoke Effect in Photoshop”

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