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15 May 2013

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith IN General, Public Relations News | May 15th, 2013 | 409 responses

The Great Gatsby – An Excellent Lesson in Public Relations

By David Jackson.



F. Scott Fitzgerald’s literary gem ‘The Great Gatsby’ is not only an inspiration for motion pictures, theatre, radio and television shows, but the subtle satire on the affluent class living the fluke American Dream is also a good lesson for PR pros. Here are some excellent public relations lessons that could be learnt from the 1925 novel –


There is more to parties than just fun– The novel’s main protagonist Jay Gatsby was famous for throwing parties. However his funeral went almost unnoticed and unattended. Lesson – Most people take PR to be synonymous with parties. However, there is more to PR than just lavish parties. Parties are a good ground to make new contacts, convey your brand’s message and strengthen old bonds. Even if you have all the celebrities invited, do not miss the opportunity to communicate and make contacts.


Promote– Jay loved Daisy Buchanan and in order to get her attention, he threw extravagant parties. As a PR executive, you need to design a holistic strategy to promote your brand that makes use of all the communication channels. Focusing on limited channels can segregate an important set of target audience.


Taking advantage of the moment– Jay Gatsby capitalised on the inclination of the people in the roaring 20s towards affluence to get close to his lost love Daisy Buchanan. Being proactive in PR is the key and PR pros should never give upon an opportunity. Whether it is a crisis or opportunity, PR executives should not leave a single stone upturned.   


Betrayal leads you nowhere– The whole novel revolves around the theme of decadence, opulence and betrayal set in the Jazz Age or the 1920s. PR pros should learn that even betrayal and dishonesty can garner a few results in the short period; they do not take you anywhere in the long run. A truthful, sincere and transparent message is the only way to reap sustainable benefits.


Being a PR executive it is must to have a backup plan and an eye for detail so as to capitalise on the present opportunities and ward off the threats. So if you have not yet read the novel, catch Baz Luhrmann’s flick starring Leonardo di Caprio running at a theater near you to get some insight into public relations.



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