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28 Jun 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN General, Job Descriptions, recruitment, Recruitment & Career, S2M News | Jun 28th, 2015 | no responses

The Role of a Recruiter in Helping You Make an Upward Career Move

If you are a C-level executive, chances are that you’ve held your current job for a few years and have been so involved in carrying out your duties that you’ve not really had a chance to venture out in the job market and explore better career opportunities during this time period. A promotion at work seems like a far cry. What used to seem like a satisfactory job has now left you saturated. Plus, by being off the employment radar it’s also possible that you’ve missed sporadic hiring announcements that might have been a perfect fit for your experience and qualifications. It is truly difficult to handle the pressure of making an upward career move and choosing the job or position that will advance your career. Your confusion might lead you to see great potential in a job position that does not actually offer that much. To top it all, you do not want to make a wrong choice that will completely jeopardize your career. So the big question stares blankly at your face: “What do I do?”

Now is the time to contact a professional recruiter and discuss your intent of making an upward career move.

Online Job Hunt vs. Seasoned Headhunters

LinkedIn recruitments might slowly be surpassing traditional recruitment practices and allowing companies to hire talent directly, without involving an external recruitment agency. But while being great for business networking, this ‘professional social media tool’ loses out on objectivity and is seemingly more relevant for lesser mature markets. Therefore, even in the hyper-connected social age, most senior-level vacancies are filled by experienced headhunters.

How Does a Professional Recruiter Steer Your Career towards Growth

You are a highly qualified professional with years of work experience in your specific industry and job profile. However, most of your ‘business connections’ are your colleagues, peers or people at the same professional level as you. Chances are that they too are looking to climb up the corporate ladder. So, not only does competition get stiffer at this point, but also it is rather awkward to discuss your career growth plans with them. This is where a professional recruiter comes to your aid. 

When you contact a recruiter to make an upward career move, the professional understands the value that you will bring to an available higher position and acts as your advocate to help you seek that better job opportunity. A seasoned recruiter can help you prepare for an interview, tailor your resume to make your skills, expertise and achievements shine out and position you as the best-suited candidate for a superior role, so that you are the ‘first off the bench’ candidate when a suitable opportunity comes along.

A recruiter is like a professional matchmaker – connecting you to the right job, at the right time, as the right candidate. Most skilled recruiters have an intrinsic sixth sense – they can filter out bogus opportunities that look good on paper from the ones that are actually rewarding in terms of job satisfaction as well as compensation and benefits. So the chances of you making a wrong career move are considerably diminished. Recruiters know how ‘you’ as a candidate will fit-into a superior role and what personal and professional qualities ‘you’ possess to add value to the company that recruits you – and not your peers.

Another great advantage of seeking professional help to make your upward career move is that senior recruiters have solid business networks and connections. All they need to do is open their rolodex and pick out potential companies that might be interested in hiring you in a senior executive capacity!

Most importantly, these qualified professionals know the job market – they know which companies are hiring, which senior positions have just opened up and what is the going market rate for those positions. With their help, it is lest likely that you will make a wrong career move or bargain an insufficient compensation package.

Recruiters can provide the ladder for professional development and truly fast-track your upward career move.

If you are looking for the next big jump in your career, get in touch with an experienced recruiter at www.s2m.com.au today!

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