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22 Mar 2014

POSTED BY Lisa-Marie Smith IN Our Team, S2M News | Mar 22nd, 2014 | 803 responses

Three signs that suggest you are stuck in the wrong job

Do you wake up with this sinking and burdensome feeling about going to work? You are always exhausted and feel drained out on most of the days after you come back from work. If this feeling of being blue feels eternal with no light at the end of the tunnel, then it is the time that you take a good look at your job profile. If you constantly feel unhappy and are not content, this suggests that you are probably professionally dissatisfied.

Here are some sure shot signs that imply you need to change career wise:

I don’t belong here: Do you constantly feel that you want to get up from your seat and leave your office? You have this drowning feeling even when you have loads of work to finish. No matter what happens, this feeling stays everyday and doesn’t seem to go away. If you experience extreme Monday blues, then catch the sign that probably it’s your job that is making you feel unhappy.

Your job profile doesn’t match your basic personality: If the basic skill set required for your job profile doesn’t match your basic personality traits, then change your job on immediate basis. There are people who are good at research-based work and some who are creative thinkers. Everyone is good at something, you just need to realise that your job profile does not match your basic personality and a job change would be a pleasant move in your life.

You don’t care about your salary: No matter how well paid your job is, it doesn’t seem to satisfy you. If your salary has stopped giving you the moral boost to keep you happy, you have crossed the last stage. You have this empty feeling which doesn’t seem to disappear no matter how well recognised and highly compensated you are for your job. If you salary has stopped giving you the creative satisfaction, look for something that will make you happy.
If you happen to feel the same in your current situation, then it is time you move ahead for a career change in your life.

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