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23 Aug 2013

POSTED BY DJackson IN General | Aug 23rd, 2013 | 534 responses

Tips for Creating Effective CVs for Digital Media Jobs

By David Jackson. 


Digital media job seekers often face the dilemma of how to write an effective CV that catches the interest of the prospective employers. Here are some tips for writing an effective CV for digital media jobs –


Check sample CVs– Often it happens that when a great job opportunity comes up, you are tempted to write a CV and simply apply to it. However, in order to ensure that you hit the bull’s eye, it is necessary to take your time and go through a few of the sample CVs to get an idea how people who are working in the same niche have done in their CV.


Avoid personal clichés– Okay we get it that you are seeking a job in a creative industry. However, being too creative and going overboard to include personal clichés can take you nowhere. Avoid personal statements that tell more about your preferences rather than what you are good at.


Work experience– The best way to show your work experience is in reverse chronological order as what matters the most is what you are presently working as. Brevity matters when it comes to CVs and it is better to highlight your past achievements in bullet points rather than write huge paragraphs describing them.


Skills but not hobbies– Most job seekers overstep the border and write more about hobbies and less about the skills. Employers do not care if you love snorkeling or rock climbing, unless it is related to the job applied. However, adding skill sets that can be useful in your search for a job in digital media is highly welcomed.


A lot of CVs are full of crappy information that makes them perfect for trash bins. Keep these simple tips in mind and create a CV that differentiates you and puts you right where you belong. 

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