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26 Jul 2013

POSTED BY DJackson IN General | Jul 26th, 2013 | 174 responses

Top 3 Tips to Prepare a Creative Resume

Top 3 Tips to Prepare a Creative Resume

26 July 2013

By David Jackson.



Resume writing can be an extremely
tiresome task at times, especially when you are sending across a number of
resumes for an uncreative and technical job post.



In many instances, when you are looking for a technical profile, getting creative while writing a resume is a challenging task. However, there are certain pointers that will be helpful while preparing creative resumes. By knowing these pointers, you can end up making a resume that is more effective and creative.


Here are the top three tips to make your resume creatively interesting that the reader sticks to the end of the resume:


1. Make it relevant

If you are applying for jobs in technical fields, try avoiding any unnecessary sentences over the top. Employers are primarily looking for your experience and skills, so keep it focused on what makes you employable. Being creative while writing a resume does not mean you have to use a colored text that is difficult to read. Your creative resume should be clean, catchy but not distracting.


2. Creative designing

There are numerous ways to make your resume creative for your reader. You can consider adding a catchy border on the resume, add only a few graphics to keep the resume readable, or you can focus your entire resume around one persuasive graphical image. You can also do some creative designing on the resume using the latest designing software such as Photoshop or Illustrator so that your potential employer is compelled to ask about your design capabilities.


3. Find creative tips online

If you are unable to change the appearance of your resume, you can search for online professionals who can prepare a creative resume for you. You can also add or edit text, change layout and make the desired changes. In addition, you can also consider to create a video resume with the help of reputable websites offering online video resume services. These online firms can help you to create a creative resume in a few minutes.


Creative resumes can help people distinguish themselves from their competitive qualified job applicants. You can go for more creative options including infographic that are sophisticated as compared to traditional resumes.

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