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16 May 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN General, Recruitment & Career, S2M News | May 16th, 2015 | no responses

Top Five IT Job Profiles in Australia

Despite a persistent global economic stagnancy and an all-time low job market, IT is perhaps the only sector that has braved the dot com bust, cost-cutting, outsourcing and restructuring, has remained a safe and good career choice for those looking for decent pay, better job security and steady professional development.


Here are top five IT positions, most sought-after in Australian job market:

1. Chief Information Officer (CIO) – Annual Salary: $350, 000

A CIO, also known as the IT Director, is the senior-most IT executive in any organisation. Besides a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Information Technology, preferably coupled with an MBA, a CIO needs to have at least 12-15 years of experience in IT frameworks, together with excellent strategising and communication skills.

2. Applications Development Manager – Annual Salary: $200, 000

An Applications Development Manager job profile entails planning, developing and implementing robust software applications and IT systems to meet desired business objectives. Application Development Managers must have solid knowledge and understanding of hardware and software systems, IT frameworks and architecture as well as application development standards. A Bachelor’s Degree, backed by a Management Degree, at least 5 years of experience in an application development company and excellent interpersonal skills are the basic requirements for this role.

3. Technology & Infrastructure Manager – Annual Salary: $200, 000

The role of a Technology and Infrastructure Manager involves defining, deploying and managing relevant technological solutions to ensure smooth IT operations. Since a Technology and Infrastructure Manager is responsible for all the hardware, IT tools and operating systems in a company, experience of working with a wide variety of software, applications and programs is an absolute must. Apart from expertise in the domain, a good Technology and Infrastructure Manager also possesses excellent problem solving and organisational skills. A Bachelor’s Degree in IT is a basic job profile requirement.

4. IT Manager – Annual Salary: $ 180, 000

The primary role of an IT Manager is to oversee that all IT related operations in the company are carried out in a smooth and timely manner. An IT Manager performs multiple roles, including project scope development, strategising, management of large-scale or high-risk involving projects, control of IT expenditure and budget as well as customer relationship management. An experienced IT Manager not only has a relevant degree in Information Technology and Management, but also 5+ years of experience in core IT sector.

5. Service Delivery Manager – Annual Salary: $ 160, 000

With IT and Management Degrees in hand, a Service Delivery Manager performs a customer relationship – driven role and ensures that his clients’ demands are being met seamlessly and profitably. The Service Delivery manager job profile involves a great deal of communication between the company’s internal project management and delivery teams and clients. A Service Delivery Manager may also be required to impart project related IT training to junior IT executives.


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