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09 Aug 2013

POSTED BY DJackson IN General | Aug 9th, 2013 | 134 responses

Wearable Computing: Is this the future of technology?

By David Jackson


A few years
back, a majority of us would not have even imagined carrying a map that gives
us directions. However, things have changed tremendously since then. Welcome to
the digital world. Today we have the Google Glasses that show you everything you need with
just, literally, a blink of an eyelid.


So, the big question that we face today is – “Is wearable computing the future of technology?” Technology today has made it possible to carry our work portfolio from our desktops to our fingertips now. With time being the most valuable resource and in an age where regional barriers of communication and business have ceased to exist, procrastination of the information is the biggest offence that you can make as a marketer.


Smartphones have given a new functionality to our phones. They are not anymore the humble devices that are used to make calls or send texts. Smartphones are now those power-packed devices that connect you to the world, anywhere and everywhere. Consider a sensor that blinks your eyelid whenever you receive a mail or a tracker that can be attached to your shoes to inform you of all the recent happenings around the world. Akin to smartphones, wearable gadgets have the potential to simplify our lives, be it professional or personal.


Smartwatches, smartpens, retina displays and glasses are just the beginning. As per the reports, technology giants such as Apple, Sony, Acer, Epson and HTC, among others, have already jumped upon the wearable computing bandwagon. Technology pundits have already started predicting devices that can be worn under the skin. With technological advancements being made everyday, the day is not far when we would be able to conjure something out of the thin air. Until then, let us just wait and watch and enjoy the transition period, as the future is already here. 


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