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28 Aug 2013

POSTED BY Emily Ritchie IN Online Retail Industry News | Aug 28th, 2013 | 598 responses

Website Performance Testing in Online Retail Industry

By David Jackson.


E commerce transactions involve the use of a number of applications each day. Online retailers may see huge traffic on their sites during promotional offers or festive shopping and this makes it important to ensure that all apps are working well and can effectively manage the transactions initiated. 


As per an independent worldwide research study conducted by Vanson Bourne even small delays in website response times can have significant effects on page visits, conversions and customer satisfaction. Even though about 79% of Chief Information Officers stay aware of the usual instances that bring in more traffic on their online retail stores, more than 40% of them do not test the performance of their portals to check if increased pressure can be handled on the website. Online retail stores certainly cannot afford to lose their potential customers especially when people who prefer to shop from their devices are actively looking for all options. But it is the performance testing for websites that proves to be expensive.


The cost of purchasing, deploying and maintaining performance test software tools is very high. Further, as websites in online retail industry are also the active platforms for marketing, their poor performance impacts the working of another department.


So is there an alternative solution to the problem? Fortunately there is – in the form of cloud based performance testing. With a cloud based infrastructure, retailers can use generators to test websites for peak loads in real time. This helps to cut down on efforts and costs related to extending the on-premise test infrastructure.


Cloud based services also offer effective diagnosis of any problems related to performance in real time. This gives IT teams a detailed description of the problem and they can also pinpoint its nature and location for quick rectification.



Along with an on-premise performance monitor, cloud technologies make it simple to comprehend the requirements of server infrastructure in the data centre offering good level of transparency.

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