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05 Jul 2015

POSTED BY David Jackson IN Digital & Design, General, IT & Technology, recruitment, S2M News | Jul 5th, 2015 | no responses

Why Outsource Your Hiring Requirements to a Recruitment Company

The scenario

Even in a recovering Australian economy, recruitment market statistics suggest a big lacuna in the ratio of job vacancies to unemployment. Although Australia’s unemployment rate dipped to 6% after a 12-month low in May this year with a sudden spike in the number of part-time jobs, it seems that skilled job seekers are still rooted in recession and are finding it extremely difficult to find the right employment opportunities matched to their bespoke expertise. The country’s job market has fallen into the trap of a Beveridge Curve – while new vacancies are being created, they are just not getting filled!

What’s going wrong?

The most obvious explanation to this situation is a change in the way companies now hire. In-house HR teams squeeze their hiring budget and spend far less on recruiting suitable candidates. But on the lop side, they simply do not attract worthy talent. As a result, their vacancies remain vacant for long periods of time.

This added to several other practical reasons highlight the dire need for companies to seek expert help of a recruitment company to hire talent for them and fill up their long pending vacancies.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Hiring Functions to a Recruitment Agency

Specialist Talent Acquisition Managers: Your HR team, no matter how qualified it is, only has limited market intelligence. Your recruitment managers usually have to make do with the restricted number of applications they receive and hire someone from that bunch. A recruitment agency on the other hand has experienced talent acquisition managers who not only specialise in individual job sectors and categories, but also have access to thousands (literally!) of available candidates. They know where these talents are, how to reach out to them and how to match their skill-sets with your company’s specific job profile requirements.

Time, Energy and Cost Saving: A staffing company improves the overall effectiveness of recruitment. Your in-house HR managers usually post their vacancies on job portals or professional digital networks and spend hours scouring the web and reviewing applications, when they should be focusing on other human resource development activities in the company. Doesn’t seem like time, energy or manpower well-spent! Professional recruitment agencies take care of everything – right from screening hundreds of applications and finding candidates with relevant skill-sets to carrying out background checks, conducting salary negotiations and on-boarding.

Extended Reach to Expert but Off-the-Radar Talent: By partnering with a professional recruitment agency, your company gets steady and reliable access to expert talent to fill in various permanent, temporary and contractual vacancies, as and when they arise. Specialist talent acquisition managers in a recruitment agency have strong business relationships with hard to reach candidates in their specific job sectors, who do not otherwise respond to job postings or are too busy with their full time employment to pursue other attractive career opportunities. With their extended reach, they enable your company to hire the most-suitable candidates, who may be off your own HR team’s radar.

Increased Competitive Advantage for Small or Mid-sized Business: While big companies spend a lot of time, money and efforts in promoting themselves as an employer brand of choice, small and mid-sized companies often do not have those kind of resources. If you own a start-up or a small to mid-sized company, an established recruitment agency can help you build your brand and gain competitive advantage in saturated markets. Professional recruitment agencies help candidates to gain a real insight into the business and a feel of the company’s work culture. Specialist talent acquisition mangers spend time in helping candidates understand why they should work at your company in particular, what benefits they will receive and what career advancement options are in store for them with your employer brand.
Complete Focus on Core Business Areas: With the task of sourcing, contacting, engaging, hiring and on-boarding top talent outsourced to a trusted staffing solutions provider, you can get back to focussing on your core business, without disrupting or procrastinating more urgent functionalities.

These are just a few of the many benefits of outsourcing your hiring functions to a trusted recruitment company.

Is your Australian company struggling with hiring deadlocks or deadlines? Get it touch with the folks at www.s2m.com.au and let them fill up those long pending vacancies by bringing top talent on board!

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